What does it mean to be a “pre-dental” student?

A pre-dental student is a student on a path to gain entry to a dental school. Gaining acceptance to dental school is extremely competitive so students must fully understand all that is required. A pre-dental student must first earn a bachelor’s degree before entering dental school and the degree earned is irrelevant. Students typically major in a science-related field (i.e., Biochemistry, Biological Engineering, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, or Microbiology) however, it is not necessary. Pre-dental students have majored in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Psychology, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering. However, a pre-dental student must take dental school pre-requisite courses along with their degree requirements. (Please note: Pre-dental is not a degree program at MSU; it is only a concentration).

How long is Dental School?

Dental school is four years for general practice to earn a D.D.S., Doctor of Dental Surgery or a D.M.D., Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Post-graduation length is dependent on the specialty.